Requesting School Assistance

What are the application steps?

Initial consultation

As the preschool/daycare center also holds considerable responsibility for your child’s well-being and education, it is important that you have an initial conversation with the respective institution before you begin the application process. 

The school’s approvalas well as a medical report are the basis of your application for school assistance.


The application for school assistance must be submitted to the relevant funding agency, the youth welfare office (“Jugendamt”) or the District Office of Upper Bavaria (“Bezirk Oberbayern”). Application forms are available in the respective offices. We are of course happy to answer any questions you might have concerning the application process.

Application assessment

The agency in charge examines your application as well as the submitted reports and issues an authorization for school assistance. This authorization determines the qualification-level required of a school assistant (assistant, pedagogical/qualified assistant or specialist) as well as the weekly hours that are covered, depending on your child’s needs. fest.

It usually takes between three to six weeks for an application to be approved - however, this may take longer in some cases. Please take this into account when planning your application, especially if you are applying for the first time and the start of the new school year is approaching.

School-Assist: our job

It is our responsibility to look for a suitable school assistant for your child. During this process we work in close cooperation with you as well as the respective educational institution Träger - school, preschool/kindergarten or day care centre - in order to find the right match. 


Ready to Go

When all necessary steps are completed - our school assistance can begin!


How is school assistance supported by German law?

School assistance is a measure of “integration assistance” that is regulated in the German Social Code (SGB).


According to integration assistance children and adolescents whose participation in education is restricted by individual disabilities and/or environmental factors are entitled to school assistance. The Social Code distinguishes between:

Depending on the case, the relevant funding agency is either the District Office of Upper Bavaria (“Bezirk Oberbayern”) or the youth welfare office (“Jugendamt”) .

Do you want to apply for school assistance?

We are happy to answer your questions and guide you through the application process.