School-Assist: help me to do it myself

About Us

Our Mission

We are an aspiring team of school assistants in the Munich West region.

Our diverse and flexible staff - ranging from first-time school assistants to specialists in the field - bring a range of skills and unique backgrounds to the table and reflect the value that we place on finding the right match for each individual child.


Our Vision


In their "Guidelines for Education Policy" the German Commision for UNESCO defines inclusion as the right to participation:

"Inclusion in education means that all people have equal opportunities to participate in quality education and to develop their potential, regardless of special educational needs, gender, social and economic conditions."

At School-Assist, we want to help make inclusion in education possible by offering children and young people in Munich with special needs the best possible support in their daily school routines. 


William Wasch

Our founder William Wasch has a background of more than 8 years of management experience in social enterprises. Early in his career, he was an admissions counsellor at a boarding school in Vermont, USA, and also worked as a school assistant there.

These past experiences sparked his motivation to found School-Assist and make a valuable contribution to children and adolescents in his adopted home of Munich. As father of three children and an international himself, he is familiar with the responsibilities of parenting as well as the challenges of “integration”. He knows the value of successful communication across boundaries and language barriers and thus wants to support children, their families, as well as the international community in Munich.

Cornelia Stolz

Following several years as a personnel planner and office manager, Cornelia Stolz was looking for a job "that would lead her into the social and educational field". During her search, she came across School Assist and was immediately excited by the prospect of helping families to find school assistants for children with special needs.

Since October 2021, she has been managing the team as Head of School Assistance and, with great dedication and empathy, takes care of applicants and families so that a suitable "match" can be found quickly.

Mrs. Stolz is married and has an eight-year-old son.


Eva Höpner

Eva Höpner joined our team in 2023 as Coordinator for Individual and School Assistance. Eva has a background in social work, has worked as an individual tutor herself and spent many years in educational establishments with children aged between 10 months and 11 years. She is also an independent learning therapist. Regarding this entirely new professional field for her, she mentions that the opportunities to support children and parents from an office setting are not as direct as the one-on-one interactions with children she experienced in previous years. However, the process of finding exactly the right match for a child is amazingly satisfying whilst providing wonderful support to several people at once.

Let’s find the right school assistant for your child

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