School Assistance

Inclusion in the classroom

As a teacher in charge of up to 30 pupils, it is virtually impossible to give every child the necessary attention and to consider each of their individual needs.

This is where our school/integration assistant can help.

Children with special needs benefit from integration assistance

An integration assistant makes sure your child gets the support that they need in order to cope with daily school life and integrate into the school community. This allows the teacher to focus on the entire class - without having to divide their attention. Thereby, school-assist offers a solution to a common dilemma in the modern-day classroom.

School assistance - supporting both student AND teacher

A school assistant not only helps with organizing the school routine and enables your child to attend (a mainstream) school. They also complement the teacher's pedagogical function by following their instructions and taking on the additional tasks that your child requires.

A school assistant thus supports both the student AND the teacher at the same time.

School integration - ensuring a healthy classroom environment

Integration assistants help to provide a better learning environment for everyone by ensuring more efficiency as well as a positive and focused atmosphere in the classroom.

Individual training - preparing school assistants

Over the course of the year, each school assistant is offered train-the-trainer courses on an individual basis. In this way, we want to ensure a high level of quality and reliability in our team so that we can support your child in the best way possible .


When does my child need school assistance?

What is school assistance?

Many children with mental, physical and/or emotional special needs require support with their school routine - from organising their arrival and departure to attending classes and preparing/following up on school material. In some cases, physical care is also necessary (e.g. when using sanitary facilities or during meals). This support can be provided by our school assistants.

"Integration assistance" or "school / integration support"are merely used as synonyms for "school assistance" .

When is a child entitled to school assistance?

In principle, school assistance is intended for children whose special needs cannot be met by the school alone. However, the conditions and reasons for approval often differ, as these decisions are made on a case-to-case basis.

Examples of cases in which school assistance is typically provided:

  • Speech, compulsive and developmental (language) disorders such as dyscalculia or dyslexia
  • ADD / ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder)
  • ASD / autism spectrum disorders (Asperger syndrome, autistic disorder, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified)
  • Other developmental disorders related to socio-emotional or physical/motor competence 
  • Other mental and/or emotional disorders

What does a school assistant do?

A school assistant….

  • helps with the organization of the school day, in lessons and during breaks
  • accompanies school activities and, if necessary, excursions
  • promotes communication with teachers and classmates
  • helps your child to cope with crisis situations
  • strengthens your child’s socio-emotional competence
  • facilitates integration into the classroom community
  • provides physical care when necessary
  • promotes your child's independence in daily life - in the long term

However: school assistants are not private tutors.The school remains responsible for teaching content/subject matter.

Ultimately, we are guided by Maria Montessori's motto: "As little help as possible, as much help as necessary".

Integration is key

The goal of successful integration assistance is the integration of the pupil into the class and school community.Over time, the assistance should enable them to cope with everyday life as independently as possible.

Therefore, our school assistants only support your child when they are unable to manage a task on their own. While your child learns to manage daily tasks without help, the school assistant - in consultation with you and the school - may withdraw their support little by little.

Finding the right school assistant for your child

Once your application has been approved, the agency in charge issues an official authorisation for school assistance. This authorization determines the qualification-level required of a school assistant as well as the weekly hours that are covered.

Next, we carefully select a suitable school assistant for your child while taking into account your individual situation. We suggest arranging a casual first meeting with the school assistant.

This initial meeting gives all parties the chance to get a first impression and is hence an essential step towards finding the right match.

After a school assistant has been selected and an authorization has been issued, we can get started!

In a first consultation between parents, school assistant and the teacher (possibly also the school psychologist) it is clarified which supportive measures the school assistant can/should take in order to enable your child's successful integration into the classroom community.

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Does your child require school assistance?

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