School Assistance and Integration Services

in Munich West
Starnberg and surroundings

Does your child need assistance in school or kindergarten?

We are happy to help


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in Munich West
Starnberg and surroundings

Does your child require special needs support in school or kindergarten? ​

We are pleased to help you

We support children with special needs in schools and daycare centers

Successfully managing the daily school routine.

To achieve a quick and comprehensive integration into the daily educational routine for your child, we screen and place dedicated school assistants.   

School assistance is useful if your child…

  • has difficulty concentrating and sitting still for longer periods of time
  • struggles to follow school lessons and complete required tasks
  • frequently gets involved in conflicts with other children
  • requires assistance with their arrival/departure to/from school
  • requires additional physical care

Integration assistance offers support for your child and family as well as the school with managing daily tasks and requirements - in a quick, unbureaucratic and effective fashion.

Our goal is to ensure that your child is able to...

  • participate fully in play activities, daily routines and school lessons
  • build up confidence in their own abilities and knowledge
  • feel secure in their school/kindergarten environment
  • develop an independent attitude towards learning and everyday tasks
  • safely integrate into the school/kindergarten community

Our services

Finding the right school assistant for your child

Integration Assistance
in Kindergarten​

Assistance in Kindergarten / Daycare enables children with mental, intellectual or physical special needs to achieve more independence in their daily routine.  

Integration Assistance
in School

Assistance in school allows children with special needs to integrate into the classroom community at a mainstream, or special school (“Sonderpädagogische Einrichtung”).

Assisting Parents: Application Support

Applications, offices, certificates, etc...     Bureaucracy can be complicated, but we are happy to guide you through the application steps for your child's individual support.

Your benefits with School Assist​

For a quick and thorough integration of your child into the school/kindergarten community, it is important to us that:

  • your child receives a suitable assistant
  • you can quickly find your way through the maze of legal paragraphs and applications
  • the school assistant settles into your child's daily routine as soon as possible
  • our support is merely a tool for assisting your child when necessary
  • your child’s independence is constantly encouraged (Maria Montessori: “Help me to do it myself”)
  • the communication between you and the school/kindergarten or daycare center is enhanced via the school assistant

Therefore we value transparency and open communication.

Who finances school assistance?

The costs for a school/kindergarten assistant are covered by integration assistance according to the German Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch - SGB). An application requires a medical examination and report which recommends participation in all regular school and educational activities. Based on this report, the responsible district youth offices determine the qualification-level required of the school assistant (assistant, qualified/pedagogical assistant, specialist) as well as how many weekly hours of assistance are covered. 

The relevant funding agency depends on the type of special needs in question.

For children with physical or intellectual special needs, integration assistance is granted by the District Office of Upper Bavaria (“Bezirk Oberbayern”). In the case of developmental special needs, such as autism or a neurological disorder such as ADHD, the city of Munich youth welfare offices (“Jugendämter”) are responsible. Outside of Munich the district offices (“Landratsämter”) cover these services.

School-Assist Philosophy

Our goal is to make participation in education possible for all.

We are an aspiring team of school assistants in the Munich West region.

Our diverse and flexible staff - ranging from first-time school assistants to specialists in the field - bring a range of skills and unique backgrounds to the table and reflect the value that we place on finding the right match for every child.    

Throughout the school year each school assistant receives additional training via train-the-trainer courses on an individual basis. Thereby we wish to support your child in the best way possible. 


Let’s find the right school assistant for your child

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about school assistance or the application process.

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